Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a separate party room?
Yes, you can view it in the photo gallery of our website.

If we book a party, do we have the party room all night?
Yes. However, if a majority of your party leaves we may ask to seat a portion of the room, or close the room and relocate your remaining guests to a different area.

Can I have a cake and/or decorations dropped off and set up?
Yes. We open at 11 am, and you may have a cake/decorations dropped off any time after that. We will keep your cake in the cooler, and we will have your decorations set up for your party.

Is Fire Bar child-friendly?
Yes, we have a children’s menu, kid cups, booster seats, and high chairs. However, we do suggest children leave by 9:30, at which time we become 21 and over.

How many guests does the party room hold?
75-120 people, if the curtain is opened. 55 if the curtain remains closed.

Is the pool table available to us in the party room?

Yes, the pool table is provided along with sticks, pool balls and chalk.

Can we create a slide show to play in the room?
Yes, as long as it is formatted properly for a DVD player. We suggest that you try your DVD on a DVD player at home, or bring your DVD in before your party to ensure that your DVD works on our system.

Is there a minimum charge for the room rental?
No, but you must have a minimum of 40 guest.

Can the Fire Bar Party Bus pick us up and drop us off?
Yes, you can book the bus ahead of time, or schedule a pick up or drop off as the night goes on.

Do you offer an open bar package?

Can I start a tab for my guests and cap it at a certain amount?
Yes. You can communicate to your server(s) the amount at which you would like to close your tab at, and your server(s) will alert you to when the cap has been reached. At that point, you can pay the tab.

How many servers will take care of the party room?

It depends on the number of guests in your party.

Can we do a cash bar?
Yes, your guests can either start their own tabs with the server(s), or each person can pay cash per drink. You and your guests will not have to go to the bar.

Can you host private events where you close to the public?
Yes, depending on the day and time of year, we can host events where Fire Bar is closed to the public. You must spend a certain amount depending on time and day of the year.

What types of parties have you hosted?
We have hosted weddings and wedding receptions, birthdays, surprise parties, baby showers, holiday parties, graduations, and reunions. For some of these events, we have closed to the public. For others, we have remained open to the public, and hosted the events in the party room. Wedding receptions at Fire Bar have become very popular for those who have had a destination wedding, but still wish to include friends and family who were unable to attend. If you would like to see photos of events we have hosted before, or you would like to inquire about hosting a party/event,
e-mail Nino Hermes at

General Information:
Fire Bar is here to provide you with a great time, no matter what type of event you have in mind! We provide balloons and table covers for no extra charge. All food packages can be changed to accommodate your needs. If you are thinking of having a party or just need a couple of tables for a get together, call us, e-mail us, or just stop by and we can discuss your plans! We host thousands of parties throughout the year, let Fire Bar host your next event!